The old recycling shed, as it is now known, is set to become the latest community asset by way of a physical fitness facility, with a strong focus on martial arts, in particular ju-jitsu & kickboxing. With permanent mats installed the space will be able to be utilised for gymnastics, yoga, pilates and more.

The building started off in life as a shed for manufacturing power poles that were then transported by train to be used in Christchurch. Once the railway line was closed the building was no longer used as a power pole factory. It was then modified and became the Little River Fire Station until the new fire station was built in 1982.

The building was later used as a recycling facility employing people from the Works Peninsula program. This closed down early 2000’s and had been privately leased by various community people, for instance a local carpenter used it as a joinery workshop. It was then purchased by Little River Ju-Jitsu club in around 2018 to be converted into a community facility.

The club has struggled with funding over the years for this project and finally, out of the blue, the amazing Jordan Luck approached us with the idea of a benefit concert to raise money, and has generously donated his name, time and band to the project.